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Generators of Houston: The Generator Experts


Generators of Houston is the only authorized Generac Industrial dealer in Houston and the largest Generac dealer west of the Mississippi.  If yours is a mission critical business - a hospital, data center, or 911 call center, for example - that require automatic standby

power, Generac’s complete range of industrial power

solutions has proven dependable in even the most severe power outages. When your business can’t afford to be without power for even a second, you need Generac for reliable automatic standby power.

Generac & Generators of Houston

A team Houston has depended on for years

Generators of Houston is a one-stop shop for:

• Equipment Only

• Value Engineered

• Turnkey Installation

• Value Add


Automatic Standby Power by Generac

These rugged, single-engine generators are configured to meet the needs of your business and are highly regarded based on their exceptional reliability and long life. Even in the harshest environments, these cost-effective and high volume gensets have proven their durability in many heavy duty industries. Qualified Generators of Houston technicians can easily service the diesel engines, and all parts and system components are manufactured by Generac, making replacement parts and maintenance a breeze with Generators of Houston.

Generac's Advanced Power Manager

Generac’s PowerManager® control system sets the bar high as the most advanced technology in the industry. The Generac GenLink® control software was designed specifically to best utilize the expansive capabilities of the system. The system allows remote monitoring for checking status and diagnosing issues via phone, ethernet or direct serial connection.


Affordable Redundancy and Reliability

For larger applications where standby power is required, Generac’s MPS offers the redundancy and reliability of much more expensive parallel systems. Generac MPS, installed by Generators of Houston, combines the output of multiple gensets to meet the requirements of up to 9000 kW with no need for expensive switchgear.

A System Designed for Growth

Install only the system designed for your immediate power needs now. Later, gensets can be added as you grow, allowing you to increase your standby power availability without oversizing your backup system initially.

Generators of Houston Can Easily Install Your MPS

Generac MPS gensets are easily installed, and offer simplified service and the shortest lead times in the industry. Since these generators are light-weight and can be separated, they are approved for roof mounting, allowing you to use your available space to its best advantage. Fuel Options: diesel, gaseous-natural gas, Bi-Fuel™, combination fuel.


Natural Gas and Diesel Combine for a Cost-Effective Solution

This innovative and exclusive generator solution was built as a bi-fuel system, offering greatly extended run times and the environmental benefits of natural gas. The system also reduces diesel fuel storage to a manageable amount.

Automatic Switch from Natural Gas to Diesel

The operating fuel mixture in the Bi-Fuel system uses only enough diesel fuel to ensure ignition while consisting primarily of natural gas. Should the natural gas supply be interrupted, the system will automatically switch to 100% diesel fuel with no loss of power.

A Great Value Compared to Diesel-only Generators

The Generac Bi-Fuel generators offered by Generators of Houston are an incredible value when compared to diesel-only gensets, while sacrificing none of the features, reliability or power of more expensive diesel-only generators.