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Factory Authorized Service Technicians On-Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Factory Authorized Service Technicians On-Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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Service, Repair and Maintenance so you can rest easy

The focus of our service department is to keep your stand-by power ready

We specialize in Generac and Kohler sales and service, but also carry a wide range of other manufacturers such as Caterpillar, Cummins/Onan, Generac, Kohler and more. Generators of Houston services virtually all makes and models of Power Generation Equipment. At Generators of Houston, we gladly handle all warranty and non-warranty repairs and service for many trusted manufacturers.

As part of our commitment to providing the on-site power generation industry with the most knowledgeable service technicians, Generators of Houston employs and hires Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA) Certified Technicians.

Generators of Houston service department maintains a fleet of well stocked service trucks with the parts and tools to get your standby power system up and running quickly and efficiently. Without the need for return trips to get the right part this means faster repairs at a lower cost to our clients. We also handle your refueling 24 hours a day, as well as fuel polishing needs to make sure your generator is ready to perform when it's needed.

Our service department also has the ability to customize your standby power system to meet your exact requirements whether sophisticated controls, special enclosures or any other non-stock need. We have experience in creating custom packages for a variety of applications.

Our goal is to keep your standby power system maintained, repaired when necessary, tested and ready for optimum operation when needed.

As part of its commitment to advancing professionalism within the On-Site Power industry, EGSA has created the Electrical Generator Systems Technician Certification Program. Certification of personnel has become the hallmark of many industries in the United States today for one simple reason: It helps advance the profession by identifying consistent standards through which proficiency can be determined.

Generator Technician Certification demonstrates a commitment to that ideal. Through rigorous testing, the program will identify those technicians who not only have a broad knowledge of electricity, mechanical and electrical components and the interaction between them, but are proficient in the installation, service, maintenance, and repair of On-Site Power generation systems.

Scheduled Maintenance Plans

Protect your investment and ensure you're ready for anything

A well-planned preventive maintenance program is vital to the reliable operation of any power generation system. Generators of Houston offers Scheduled Maintenance Agreement Programs to ensure that your power generation equipment is running properly when you need it most.

An experienced representative will customize a SMA based on our client’s operational needs and the factory service recommendations for the equipment to be maintained.

Consistent maintenance increases equipment reliability. A standby system that’s tested and inspected on a regular schedule will perform as needed at critical times.

Factory-trained and certified technicians are qualified to test and repair the generator.

Minor issues are identified before they become major problems. This will result in reduced unscheduled downtime and lower unplanned repair costs.

We maintain a fleet of field service trucks that allow us to respond quickly during a crisis situation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our service trucks are equipped with diagnostic tools and a vast array of parts inventory to get the job done correctly the first visit.

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The following services are included in our standard
Scheduled Maintenance Agreement:


Cooling System

  • Antifreeze and coolant conditioner concentration
  • Condition of hoses and connections leaks
  • Condition and tension of belts
  • Radiator air restriction

Air Intake System

  • Visually check for leaks, holes and loose connections/clamps

Fuel System

  • Check for proper fuel levels
  • Check fuel transfer pump

Exhaust System

  • Visually check for leaks and restrictions
  • Drain condensation trap

Electrical System

  • Review Meters for proper operation
  • Specific gravity of battery liquid
  • If SG is below 1.260, recharge



Battery and Charger

  • Acid test
  • Adjust charger output if needed
  • Clean corrosion if needed
  • Load test
  • Specific gravity



  • Change engine oil
  • Oil sample (optional)
  • Change filters
  • Disposal of used oil and filters

Engine not Running (Check Only)

  • Cap and rotor
  • Distributor wires
  • Oil and coolant levels
  • Points and condenser
  • Spark Plugs
  • Starter and all wiring

Fuel System

  • Check for water in system
  • Check for fuel system leaks
  • Day tank, float switch and pump
  • Drain sediment
  • Governor linkage

Coolant System (Check Only)

  • Antifreeze
  • Radiator and cap
  • Hoses and heater leaks
  • Belts and tension
  • Louvers
  • Coolant sample (optional)

Intake and Exhaust (Check Only)

  • Air cleaner
  • Breather condition
  • Exhaust system leaks
  • Flex pipe and rain cap
  • Muffler and traps
  • Turbocharger(s) if applicable

Engine Running

  • Alarm and shutdowns
  • Alternator output
  • Leaks
  • Oil pressure


  • A.C. wiring
  • Breakers
  • Brushes and holders
  • Cooling air
  • Rotating diodes
  • End bearing
  • Exciter stator
  • Over-speed switch


  • Bulbs (panel and indicator)
  • Engine monitors
  • Voltage regulator
  • Wiring and relays

Transfer Switch

  • Time delays (adjust if necessary)
  • Exerciser clock (reset if necessary)
  • Clean cabinet
  • Load test (if applicable)

Engine Running

  • Record A.C. voltage output
  • Record A.C. Frequency
  • Record current (amps) under load
  • Operational Training
  • Customer Orientation
Generac Generator Maintenance, Kohler Generator Maintenance, ONAN Generator Maintenance, Cummins Generator Maintenance,

Before fuel polishing (left) and after fuel  polishing (right)

Fuel Polishing

Keep your diesel fuel clean to enhance reliability and longevity of your generator

The most common reason for diesel engines in general, and generator diesel engines in particular, to fail to run is associated with "bad diesel fuel." The things that make the diesel fuel bad generally have nothing to do with the original quality of the fuel. The problems come about because of the condition of the fuel we buy and what happens to the fuel when it gets stored, sometimes at the suppliers' facilities, but most often in our own fuel tanks. Generators sit idle for long periods of time allowing algae time to grow in the tank. Most of this contamination adheres to the wall of the tanks and you might not notice a problem while running the engines at exercise. Once the generator is running for a short time and the fuel begins moving around the contamination tends to start breaking away from the wall of the tank and entering the fuel. This contamination can clog your filters and shut down your engine. Having your engine shut down from clogged fuel filters can be inconvenient and very expensive to repair. Generators of Houston has a system to keep your fuel clean and keep your generator running smoothly, reducing the chances of bacteria and algae growth leading to engine failure or damage.

Load Bank Testing

Why is load bank testing necessary?

Broadcrown Generator Maintenance, Generator Maintenance, Generator Service, Fuel Polishing, Diesel Generator Service, MW Diesel Generator, BackuLoad banking is a essential requirement to ensure that generator owners enjoy the full potential of their emergency backup power equipment and that it will perform as expected when called into service. Since emergency generators must be sized to accommodate the full startup load of a facility, ideally they are sized above the normal operating load if a load management system is not in place.

Generators are ideally sized as much as 30 percent over the kW rating of a facility to accommodate the surge of the building and equipment startup load. This situation creates a challenge with diesel powered generators. Conditions such as wet stacking and carbon buildup in combustion chambers, injector nozzles, piston rings, turbo chargers, exhaust piping and silencers can develop. Wet stacking is best described as unburned fuel that accumulates in diesel exhaust. It can be detected by black seepage around exhaust connections or continuous black exhaust from the stack after warm up. Exhaust gas temperature of 275 degrees Fahrenheit must be maintained to avoid wet stacking. Regular loadbanking is an important step to minimize exhaust pollution.

Wet stacking is common when diesel engines operate for extended periods of time with little or no load applied. To operate at peak efficiency, the engine must be able to provide the proper ratio of fuel and air and maintain the right temperature to burn that fuel completely. EPA requirements have resulted in dramatic improvements in engine design while the use of electronic controls has resulted in increased performance.

Load bank testing should be required to ensure proper installation, adequate cooling at ambient temperature, sufficient fuel delivery, and proper load transfer in your generator.

For best performance, load bank testing should be performed annually (for a minimum of two hours) for standby applications. During weekly exercises, the engine will not reach manufacturer's recommended operating temperatures. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 110) has established the standards for monthly maintenance and operation for standby generators that states, "Generators should be exercised monthly at 30 percent of the nameplate rating or loaded to the minimum engine exhaust temperature recommended by the engine manufacturer."

Generators of Houston recommends load bank testing for:

  • Testing of new engine generator sets
  • To reduce "wet stacking" problems
  • Periodic exercising of stand-by engine generator sets
  • UPS system testing
  • Ground power (towable or portable unit) testing
  • Load optimization in prime power applications

Remote Generator Monitoring

We can monitor the status of your generator at all times

Remote Generator Monitoring is the revolutionary new service for your standby generator. Our Remote Generator Monitoring service constantly monitors the generator's status and transmits that information to our data center using a network of cellular communication towers. If a monitored generator requires attention (such as low battery voltage, low coolant, oil or fuel and more) a Generators of Houston service technician will be immediately notified the technician will connect to your generator and determine the severity of the problem and notify the customer representative of the issue and after authorization a qualified technician will be dispatched to repair your generator.

Customizable inputs can be used to monitor transfer switches, fuel systems, charging systems, or for other application-specific monitoring requirements. Your Generators of Houston representative can explain these custom monitoring options.

Alerts can be sent to any wireless communications device capable of receiving text messages or e-mail to keep you up to speed.

Retrofit Services

Retrofit your generator controls to bring your system up-to-date

Do you have an aging generator control system? You may be faced with a lack of parts availability, increased maintenance, shortage of knowledgeable service personnel and a lack of critical control system data needed to manage the asset. To help you achieve maximum availability and reliability, we have developed retrofit and modernization solutions. Our generator upgrades offer you more control over the critical aspects of generator excitation and protection. Our experts have experience with a wide range of electric generators, from industrial plants to residential units. With our unparalleled know-how and technologies, we can provide you with solutions tailored to meet your requirements.

Our traditional maintenance services include rewinding of generator rotors, stators and exciters, and the replacement of any major generator component, including rotors, stators, and exciters. We can refurbish and upgrade any mechanical or electrical auxiliary system. With our flexible service agreements, you decide how much service you require - from simple part replacement to complete outage management - the decision is yours..